Media Blasting

Our media blast system uses a high pressure, high volume air compressor to propel media onto a surface to remove paint, rust or unwanted contaminants. The air compressor is powered by a diesel engine and the entire system is on a trailer making the system mobile.

Media Used:

Baking Soda

Baking soda removes paint and contaminates without harming the substrate surface

Baking soda is non-toxic, non-hazardous food-grade material that is 100% water-soluble making it an environmentally safe product.

Soda blasting effectively removes paint without damage to metal, glass, plastic or aluminum trim on vehicles.

Surface needs no pre-cleaning before blasting eliminating extra time spent preparing the surface.

Soda will not bend or warp the surface compared to sand blasting that is damaging to the substrate because it will stress-relieve the metal surface, causing it to bend or warp.

Soda blasting can be used in the food service industry; removes food residue and microbes and disinfects the surface. FDA/USDA/OSHA approved.

Crushed Glass

Crushed glass works well for those harder to strip or rusty surfaces such as car and truck frames, sheet metal and numerous other applications.

Crushed glass removes rust producing a natural whiter metal finish that eliminates additional paint prep time.

Crushed glass is 100% recycled container glass that helps reduce landfill waste.

Crushed glass comes in various grades allowing for different profile of the steel to meet any need.

Glass media is slightly more aggressive media that will not warp or damage the surface.





Graffiti Removal


Stain Elimination

Conveyor Systems



Oil & Grease Removal

Engine Components

Fire Restorations

Mold Remediation


Farm Equipment

Wood Cleaning

Printing Presses

Food Equipment



Q. What's the difference between using baking soda or crushed glass?

A. After using baking soda the metal needs to be washed with soap and water and lightly sanded before primer is applied. After using crushed glass the metal is ready for primer and paint eliminating the washing of the substrate.

Q. After using baking soda will the surface flash rust?

A. Baking soda does not profile the steel so there is no flash rusting [unless surface has had prior grinding or sanding] and no immediate need for primer.

Q. Do I have to disassemble my whole vehicle to have the paint striped?

A. Blasting with baking soda will not damage glass, chrome and rubber trim.

Q. Do I have to bring my project to you?

A. We offer in-shop blasting, yet it your project is too hard to transport, we are mobile and will come to your location.